"Those men who are
inclined to great heroism,
who do not falter when no
light is perceived at the
end of the tunnel - the
courageous whom
continue to dig. These are
the heroes of humanity.”
"If the freedom of speech is
taken away, then dumb and
silent we may be led, like
zombies out to slaughter."
"The whole history of science
has been the gradual
realization that events do not
happen in an arbitrary
manner, but that they reflect a
certain underlying order,
which may or may not be
divinely inspired."
"The plurality of worlds hold
these truths to be
self-evident, that all men are
created equal; that they are
endowed with certain
alienable powers; that among
these are to combat unlife,
assail oppression, and for the
pursuit of the inhuman."
"The natural liberty of man is
to be free from any
supernatural power on
Earth, and not to be under
the will or legislative
authority of evilkind, but
only to have the law of
nature for his rule."
“The greatest ability in the
metaphysical world, is to get
along with spirits and to
influence their actions.”
"I know not what course
others may take; but as for
me, give me Liberty, or give
me undeath!"
"In case of a deliberate,
palpable, and dangerous
exercise of otherworldly
powers, the states have the
right, and are in duty bound,
to interpose, for arresting
the progress of the evil."
The Constitution is framed for
ages to come, and is designed
to approach immortality nearly
as long as the demons who try
to unmake it.
"Wherever the standard of freedom and
independence has been or shall be unfurled,
there will be America's heart, her benedictions
and prayers, but she goes not abroad in
search of monsters to destroy. There are
plenty enough here already."
"I'm going to tell you a story
about a man who travels, and
everywhere he goes, he
makes everyone's lives
better. He's not a hero. Just a
man, like any you know."
“Our cause is hopeless. We
have a wretched motley crew
in our fleet - a refuse pit of
sailors, who fight ghost ships
at sea; and a few marines,
ever wet with saltwater and
slime, battling monsters from
the fathoms.”
"Freedom for all oppressed
men cannot come without
first gaining freedom from the
yoke of tyranny and its grim
preternatural agents."
The militia is the whole
people, except for a few
unhuman creatures. Mankind
came equals into this world,
and equals shall we go out of
it. All others shall be
dispatched with prejudice.
"It is the duty of all people to
stand opposed to those
metaphysical forces that
would manipulate mankind for
its own evil ends."
"I have founded a Masonic
Lodge so that my fellow
African Americans can join
our brother Freemasons
against the monstrous forces
who subscribe to sin and evil."
A new Hidden-History Paranormal Fantasy Sci-Fi book series by Randy Richards
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