"Today the American knight
holds the supernatural
supremacy of the world."
"That Wisdom, which
attends otherworldly ways,
shines most conspicuous
in the solar rays.
Without them, destitute of
heat and light,
vampires would be the
reign of endless night..."
"You know that the
unworldy are always
looked on as nothing; but
some are your affected kin.
My cry is all for peace."
"The ridiculous notion that
women cannot understand
the intricacies of war,
against man or monster,
leaves all too many secrets,
revealed casually in the
presence of a mere woman,
to be reported and acted
"The two of Providence will
rebel in opposition; Victor
to the younger in the land
of Brittany. A child of
Destiny to free the world."
"Disaffection stalks around
us, as do devils of all types.
Be on guard, for Satan's
minions are involved in all
matters of mischief."
"When men battle
monsters, for Liberty or
Providence, women are
duty bound as Americans
to stand by their side and
"Our brethren have
defeated the hobgoblins of
tyrants, and most have paid
with their lives. Though it
could have been a lot
worse... they might have
returned from the dead."
A new
Fantasy/Sci-Fi book

series by
Randy Richards

First book title:
"Paul Revere - The
Zombies are Coming!"

First Publication Date: